Remember, HAVE FUN!

by LindseyKelly3. March 2014 07:40





Glenn W. getting after some Jerk work.


“Today and onwards, I stand proud, for the bridges I’ve climbed, for the battles I’ve won, and for the examples I’ve set, but most importantly, for the person I have become. I like who I am now, finally, at peace with me.”

-Heather James 


This time of year (in the CrossFit world) always reminds me of the days of college swimming championship season.  Everyone has worked their asses off in the"off" season (but let's be real, there was never an off season) and is ready to prove their "fitness" come February-July...but let's chill out for a second.  It's the Open.  Sure, it's a big deal because you have to get through the 5 weeks of cardio-ridden, light weight, never-ending AMRAPs, but news flash- so do 190,000+ other people.  You're not alone.  


As a coach, I love the Open because it's a time for my athletes to step out of their boundaries and comfort zones and push themselves to a place they never thought they could go.  They can reevaluate their goals and set higher and more amazing "expectations" for themselves, and continue to build upon their fitness and improve their lives.  They're happy, they're having fun, and they begin to love CrossFit and their community even more.  THIS is what the Open is about.


As a competitor, I sometimes see the opposite.  We really aren't any different from the athletes we coach in our classes, so why take the fun out of it?  This is my 4th year doing the Open WODs, and my 3rd as a "competitive" CrossFitter.  Last Friday I went into 14.1 without overthinking the WOD and knowing that if I really HAD to re-do the WOD I could, but I wanted to have fun.  It was Friday night and I was working out with some of my best friends, in one of my favorite places, and was surrounded by all the amazing people I get to coach everyday.  I was inspired by the performances I had seen all day, that I used that to fuel my workout.  Could I have done better? Sure!  Could I have redone the workout? Absolutely.  But I didn't...I was content with my score, I did what I needed to do for my team, and was able to refocus on the bigger picture. 


I by no means am discrediting the Open.  Ithink it's a crucial part of the Games season and I absolutely love when it rolls around because the atmosphere in the gym is truly something else (who doesn't love seeing people PR on everything from DUs to Snatching?!)  But at the end of the day, let's remember why we do this crazy sport of fitness.  It's fun.  We just like getting together and working out with our friends, for time :) Happy Open, y'all!  SO very proud of all my friends, near and far, stepping up to the plate for another crazy challenge! #herewego #conjugatestrong #2014


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