The open is HERE!

by KurstenAnderson6. March 2013 10:44

The open is HERE! Wow, has a whole year gone by?! This year is exciting (and by exciting…I mean butterflies-in-my-stomach-type-exciting). Over 100,000 people are a part of this season, CFC is just 7 weeks opened, I am part of a new region—took 3 months off this year when I moved to Ohio, I have trained differently, I’m humbled daily to be coached by Shane and Laura Sweatt, and am again a part of a community that pushes and drives me to be stronger every day. All kinds of emotions are swirling around…excitement, anxiety, nervousness, fear. We’ve all been training and preparing for the main event…and it is here!

I am constantly seeking out inspiration and have learned time and time again that your outlook and the way you react to situations is what drives a happy, positive life. With that in mind, and as I’ve continued to sort through my own feelings and emotions coming into the Games season, I’ve settled on a few “mantras”, statements...messages…quotes… that I try to let resonate to help me feel a bit more at ease. I figured I would share these—feel free to take them and make them your own. The ones that push you and create inspiration in your own life keep them top of mind and let them drive you!

1.  1. Set goals. And commit to those goals. No matter what. Nothing worth having comes easy! Your goals should be specific and the kind of statement that when it is achieved you want to shout it from the rooftops and have a celebration!

2. Stay present. All you can give is what you have right now—and give it ALL to that moment!! There is NO going back! Ultimately, it’s you against you.

3.  Set expectations…and be OK with the outcome. Learn your limits and challenge them. Be OK with failing knowing that you tested those limits and have a new found understanding of how far you can push.

4. Be you. Don’t overthink it or compare yourself to others. If you’re truly being all you can be then that is enough.

5. Be confident. Find it in yourself to be proud of at least 1 thing you have accomplished every day.

6. It’s the hard that makes it great. Don’t know a more amazing feeling then putting all you have out on there knowing that you just finished something that was HARD and pushed every ounce of you.  

7. Stay positive. The energy you put off is the energy you will receive. Negativity breeds JUST as easily as positivity does. It’s your choice.

8. Trust your support system. Trust your coach. People love you more than you know and want you to succeed, USE that to benefit you—they would want you to!

9. SMILE—you’ll feel and see the magnitude of its effects throughout the day. (see #7!) WAKE UP smiling (even if you have to force it), the way you wake up shapes your entire day.

10. Ya gotta want it. Bad. Otherwise, the rest doesn’t matter.

11. Manifest greatness. When I visited Louie Simmons at Westside a few weekends ago, I asked him what he thinks about before a lift or what type of mindset does he get into. His answer… “nothing…I manifest greatness”.

12. Have FUN! Act SILLY! Life is far too short. When it comes down to it, what’s the point if you aren’t having fun! And, above all else…life is just better when you’re laughing.

This list will continue to grow…and I know I’ll continue to be inspired by those around me during the next 5 weeks. Good luck!! The time is now… see you out there…or wiped out on the floor after 7 mins of burpees!!




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3/6/2013 11:16:17 AM #

This is awesome, Kursten! Very inspirational!


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