Strengthening the CrossFit Community

by TaylorDrescher6. March 2013 08:10

Movements are vision driven, they are bout people on the outside, they inspire sacrificial commitment, affect masses, and innovate through flexibility. Let this be our vision to have the strongest possible CrossFit Community throughout Cincinnati. CrossFit Conjugate has a goal and vision of transforming clients and athletes beyond what they ever imagined, but we also want to assist in evolving the others outside of our own gym.  We believe that just as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another, or in other words, one gym sharpens another. We want to thank Stephen Flamm and Megan McAuley from Cincinnati Strength and Conditioning for stopping by our gym and getting in a work out. It is refreshing to see new faces in the gym and we are excited to begin this journey with our surrounding coaches.  We are more than happy to aid in helping members from other gyms, not just specifically our own.  With gym owners like Stephen Flamm, JD and Bryan from CrossFit Ya’ll, and Rainer Hartmen from CrossFit Cincinnati we see a bright future for the Cincinnati CrossFit Community.

Any CrossFitter knows that when doing a workout, your worst enemy is yourself. You may work out side by side another individual, but you know that if you don’t do your PERSONAL best, there are no hopes for coming out on top. It is known that even Rich Froning and Dan Bailey may compete against each other in the Games, but on the sidelines they consider one another best buds. With this said, we believe that we should all work together to create an unstoppable society starting by integrating our gym thoughts, ideas, strengths and weaknesses in order to lift one another up. The strength of a team far exceeds those of any individual, and big things will happen to those who work together. It is crucial to understand that the power of community to reach goals is significant. Sometimes we need to realize that we need help in an area of weakness; pride and shame are two characteristics that will keep any athlete from growing.  Do not be ashamed to ask for help, yet do not have too much pride to offer any.


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Right on T


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Well said Taylor!


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