CrossFit Powerlifting Specialty Course May 16th & 17th

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Register for the CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer Course September 27 & 28, 2014

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Follow Conjugate Programming!

by Laura Phelps-Sweatt5. March 2014 13:20

Hello Strong People!

Over the past 14 months, and particularly as of late, we've been inundated with very similar inquiries, "What are you guys doing at Conjugate, and is there a way that we can do it, too?". Good news...YES you can!

Shane and I have spent the past 4 years teaching the CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer Course, and 14 months ago we opened CrossFit Conjugate where we have spent this time practicing what we've preached. We have taken the Westside Barbell Conjugate System and have incorporated it into CrossFit programming, with incredible results. Our results have proven themselves with all of our members who are constantly getting stronger and improving WOD times and performance. On a worldwide scale, we have athletes like Samantha Briggs and Lindsey Valenzuela (number 1 and 2 worldwide ranked CrossFit females) following our strength programming, and CrossFit Conjugate Black Team placing in the Top 25 for the first Open workout this year, 14.1. 

Ok, let's get to the good stuff! We've recently released our programming (very similar version, because we have very unique equipment at Conjugate that we cannot assume that the general public will have access to. So there are far more standard barbell movements.) to the public at an amazing price! Join the many others worldwide who are following us, and take your performance to the next level, and beyond! Please go to: www.WodFollow.com, and select "Conjugate" to get started! And email us, tag us, etc., to keep us posted on your progress!

In Strength,

Laura Phelps-Sweatt


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