Welcome to CrossFit Conjugate!

Welcome to CrossFit Conjugate!

CrossFit Conjugate

Home of CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer Course instructors, Shane and Laura Sweatt. Shane and Laura have taught the Course for 5 years, working with hundreds of CrossFitters from all over the world to make them better athletes. Their experience and success with marrying the Westside Conjugate Method with CrossFit has inspired them to open CrossFit Conjugate, to change lives on an even larger scale. At CrossFit Conjugate, we have a passion for fitness and strength, and creating the most optimal and effective way to help every person achieve their goals while improving his or her quality of life. We have outfitted the gym with top of the line equipment, while providing a friendly, fun, and positive atmosphere that only CrossFit can. Call today to schedule your Free Class!

What is "Conjugate"?

In 1972, the most successful weightlifting club in history, Russian Dynamo Club, experimented by rotating 25-45 special exercises, to avoid accommodation, with great success. Thus, the Conjugate system was born. Fast forward to 1983, Louie Simmons, founder of Westside Barbell coupled the Russian Conjugate and Bulgarian systems. This created the most optimal way to strength train for Powerlifting and for all sports. This system comes from Olympic lifting and track and field, ideal platforms for CrossFit. CrossFit is constantly varied, making it a form of the conjugate system for endurance. At CrossFit Conjugate, we have formed a marriage between the Westside Conjugate system and CrossFit, to develop the most effective system to produce the strongest, fittest athletes in the world.